Bump is an existing mobile application that allows users to sell their streetwear clothing and accessories safely. I have used the application quite a bit and when I went to check my account on my computer, I noticed that they did not have a fully functioning website. Therefore, I decided to design one. 

To begin, I took some screenshots of their existing site and took notes on what I thought it was missing or could be improved on. From there, I looked at competing sites such as StockX and Grailed and picked a new secondary color that would really differentiate Bump from them. The purple I chose is a bright, modern color that I used sparingly so that the website maintains its minimalistic aesthetic.

After selecting a slightly new color scheme, I went on to translate the look of the Bump app and expand it into a full website prototype using Sketch. The website now allows you to sign into your account and make purchases online rather than prompting you to download the app and also keeps the main features of the app available online to keep the usability of both interfaces as cohesive and seamless as possible.

The working prototype can be viewed here.

Disclaimer: All photos belong to those who posted listings. No photos belong to me.