How can you design a whole that communicates something greater than the sum of its parts?

This is the question I was presented when given the prompt for this project. We were asked to design a "package" which could be interpreted in however way we wanted. I decided to explore my identity by designing a digital package for a theoretical queer music festival.

To begin, I came up with the name Spectrum which of course references the common symbol for queerness, the rainbow. In addition, it implies an idea of fluidity and a variety. I then decided on a bright color scheme that feels nostalgic but is also similar to RGB which connects it to the digital file that forms the package. 


A digital file is something that many of us encounter everyday but do not actively think about. The idea of a file seemed like a great format for the package because you can essentially have an infinite number of folders to unpack within it just like queerness. Personally, queerness is an umbrella term that is full of subcultures and ideas waiting to be discovered. In theory, this digital file would be distributed on a flash drive which would also act as the individual's ticket to the event. 

Inside the package, I included a lineup, QR codes that lead to visual and audio playlists that I curated, a list of online creators that I personally found helpful throughout my journey of identity and potential sponsors that have a history connected to the LGBTQ+ community.