One of the units during my Design Studio II course was to create a narrative using any medium. I decided to create a video in order to push myself to learn more about Adobe Premiere. After making one video, we were then asked to expand our narratives and create a second video. The final video takes the viewer through the day of a pair of socks.

Before I started filming, I created a small storyboard of sketches to plan out how I wanted the story to evolve. Once I decided on the storyline, I took my camera out and replicated the scenes. I kept sound and movement limited to create a dull yet intriguing feel to each video. 

The first video had to be no longer than sixty seconds. Because of this time restraint, I decided to create a story on a pair of socks going through the washer and only one sock coming out. I felt that this was a narrative that many people could relate to and would allow me to create a subtle hint of humor into what would otherwise be an uninteresting series of scenes.


In order to expand the story of "Socks," I created a storyline to follow a pair of socks through my daily routine. To keep the focus on the socks, I tried to keep the view of the camera below the waist. Each scene is meant to be slightly drawn out to emphasize the mundane idea of being a pair of socks.