My Degree Project was a self-guided, semester-long exploration that I committed to my ongoing interests in design, music, and technology. During the last semester of my undergraduate degree, COVID-19 hit and we had to switch to online learning. In response, I decided to create an open-source digital package that allows users to experience or create immersive, digital experiences. All parts of the package are housed on a website which links to various other webpages. This can be viewed here.

Project Statement


1. the action or process of flowing or flowing out

2. continuous change


Much like the continuous change of rhythms in music, our world has been subjected to a time of rapid change due to the recent pandemic, COVID-19. As a graphic designer and an individual passionate about music, I’ve been longing to merge my passions for both audio and visual expression. This project is my response to the current state of the world as well as my attempt to create audiovisual relationships via digital tools.


In the words of Emily VanDerWerff of Vox, “In this time of  ‘never leave your house,’ it feels people want [resources] more than ever before.”

FLUX aims to push the idea of an immersive, digital experience by creating a collection of resources that includes lists, instructions, and various media files that will allow an individual to experience various immersive media and/or create their own. As a designer, 

I am exploring how I can pose as the catalyst for others to create ways of engaging with musical experiences during times of self-isolation and limited contact. The open-source model releases my ownership and allows others to expand and contribute to my original project ideas.


Live performance, music festivals, and concerts have long been known as large events that require the act of gathering in physical space to collectively experience them. They provide a level of escapism that is arguably, more necessary than ever before. With the recent world pandemic, the traditional act of gathering has been stripped away. Live stream concerts and virtual happy hours have quickly become the new normal. In a world that is now reliant on what were substitute ways of engaging with immersive experiences, FLUX attempts to embrace these as additional methods rather than as alternatives in hopes of breaking away from the incredibly structured, corporate experience of these traditionally organized events. This digital package provides options for both active and passive engagement, allowing for a variety of ways of experiencing and interacting with it.