During the Fall of 2019, I completed an independent study based on Josef Albers' book, Interaction of Color, with Aki Nurosi. This project was a result of the brief saying to create a project based on a single color. One evening, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube, “All The Colors, Including Grue: How Languages See Colours Differently,” that explained that in some languages, green and blue are the same word. This is primarily a topic that comes up in linguistics but it, of course, brings up the topic of color. From this video, I decided to create three Albers inspired designs to paint on three different skateboards. One that was blue, one that was green and the other, grue.

Through the process of painting, I learned quite a bit about how to achieve different colors using physical materials; a much different process than my only other experience of moving sliders on a screen.

After sanding, priming and taping the edge each of the three boards, I used rulers and a compass to apply my pencil guides. I then used ¼” Fine Liner tape to isolate the different shapes for painting. I started with the lightest color on each board and continued until I got to the darkest shade. Each board had a total of five to six colors applied to them.