For my Independent Study Project during the Fall of 2019, I developed new packaging for Tyler, the Creator's album, IGOR. 


Now in the age of streaming, listeners seem to care less about the release of entire albums and more about single songs. With this in mind, I took Tyler, the Creator’s album, IGOR, that released earlier this year and decided to design a composition to go with each song in hopes of bringing attention to every song on the album. 


To begin, I listened to the album all the way through, took notes of certain lyrics of each song and sketched any ideas that came to mind as I listened. Then, with Tyler, the Creator having his own fashion line as well, I went to his website and used the Digital Color Meter to collect swatches of colors. This way, I could maintain the aesthetic that he is known for and create a recognizable design for the album. The final compositions were then placed on the cover and were also printed as 10x10" posters with the lyrics to each song printed on the back and included inside the packaging.