This book was created during Jacek Mrowczyk's Typography III course in the Fall of 2018. The assignment consisted of taking essays written by four designers regarding their stances on modernism and postmodernism and setting them all within one book in such a way that they interact with one another. The four essays included are Long Live Modernism by Massimo Vignelli, Rethinking Modernism, Revising Functionalism by Katherine McCoy, Stop Sitting Around and Start Reading by Paul Stiff, and Zombie Modernism by Mr. Keedy.

Two of the designers are in favor of modernism while the other two lean towards postmodernism. To visually represent this, the postmodernists are set in light blue while the modernists are set in red. Then, to differentiate each of the two designers in each category, they were either set in the sans serif or serif version of the typeface known as Cholla. Throughout the book, I used a red acetate that gives the reader the ability to hide the red text in order to read the blue. The texts overlap to show when they relate to one another or to show their contrasts in opinions.

The full book can be viewed here.