Nostalgic Voting was a group project assigned by Nancy Skolos in my Design Studio III course during the Fall 2018 semester. The assignment consisted of randomly picking one restraint under five different categories and create a project based on what we picked. Our results were as follows:


Audience: People who restrain from voting

Medium: Furniture

Restraint: Cannot use words

Inspiration: TV Static

Theme: Nostalgia 

For the final product, my group and I decided to redesign the way that Americans vote. By reimagining what furniture could be, we decided to create a box containing ballots and other collateral that would be mailed to each household. By having voting be done through the mail, it eliminates the hassle of having to show up to a separate location and wait in line to vote. In addition, the process of voting was redesigned to be more fun and interactive by incorporating a system involving stickers to indicate which candidates you are voting for while also giving us the ability to use as little words as possible. All of the paper materials were printed on using the risograph to achieve the vibrant color scheme.